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anopheles sergenti (theobald) a potential malaria vector in egypt.two immunoassays for malaria sporozoite detection and identification, the immunoradiometric assay (irma) and the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) using the species-specific monoclonal antibodies are routinely performed in our laboratory. we analyzed (573) anopheline mosquitoes of a. sergenti (463), a. pharoensis (81) and a. multicolor (29) collected from siwa-oases and faiyum governorate (two known active malaria foci in egypt), for detection of p. falciparum and p. vivax sporozoites. p ...19892648934
comparison of the life table characteristics of anopheles sergentii (diptera: culicidae) from two malarious areas in table characteristics were examined for the malaria vector, an. serenti from two faiyum villages: tersa (t) and el nazlah (n) from siwa oasis (sw) under constant laboratory conditions at 25 degrees c and 70% rh. females of t, n and sw completed 4, 5, and 2 gonotrophic cycles (gc) respectively. the first gc required a significantly longer period (p<0.05) than the subsequent ones. development times for sw immatures were longer (p<0.05) than for the other colonies. life expectancies at emergen ...199517214161
anopheles sergentii (diptera: culicidae): seasonal variation in the development rates of immatures from el faiyum and siwa oasis, egypt.three colonies of an. sergentii from el faiyum (tersa and el nazlah) and siwa oasis were maintained for one year under the circulating room conditions to examine the rates of immature development and survival. for each colony, the egg incubation periods and immature developmental periods (p 50 and e 50) were significantly longer at low temperatures (mean = 13.4 degrees c) during winter. egg hatch rates and survivorships of the different immature stages did not significantly differ among seasons ...19957602168
preliminary observations on cross-mating of the malaria vector, anopheles sergentii from two egyptian oases.intra- and inter-strain crosses were made between randomly collected adults anopheles sergentii originated from tersa village (el-faiyum governorate) and siwa oasis (matruh governorate). the success of such crosses and their effects on fecundity and fertility of the parental females and on survival and development velocities of the f1 immatures were examined. no overall heterosis effects on such attributes were detected suggesting absence of genetic differences between the vector populations in ...200011198374
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