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factors affecting the human-feeding behavior of anopheline mosquitoes in egyptian oases.blood meals were tested by a direct enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for 424 anopheles sergentii and for 63 an. multicolor collected in siwa, farafra and bahariya oases in the western desert of egypt. both species were highly zoophilic. human blood-feeding by an. sergentii was less common in bahariya (2.3%) and farafra (1.3%) than in siwa (15.3%). a likely explanation is that large domestic animals are held at night inside houses in bahariya and in farafra whereas in siwa, animals are u ...19902230773
preliminary observations on cross-mating of the malaria vector, anopheles sergentii from two egyptian oases.intra- and inter-strain crosses were made between randomly collected adults anopheles sergentii originated from tersa village (el-faiyum governorate) and siwa oasis (matruh governorate). the success of such crosses and their effects on fecundity and fertility of the parental females and on survival and development velocities of the f1 immatures were examined. no overall heterosis effects on such attributes were detected suggesting absence of genetic differences between the vector populations in ...200011198374
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