development and survival of haemonchus contortus larvae on pastures in ibadan.the development and survival of the eggs of haemonchus contortus on pasture at ibadan were studied by spreading faeces containing eggs on grass plots from october 1973 to october 1974. development of the eggs to the infective larvae took place within one week in may, june, july, september and october. larvae were not recovered in the other months. their survival times were 28, 42, 42, 35, 63 and 49 days respectively in october 1973. may, june, july, september and october 1974. rainfall was the m ...1977906089
prevalence and seasonal changes in the gastro-intestinal helminths of nigerian goats.a total of 120 gastro-intestinal tracts and 960 faecal samples were examined to assess the prevalence and seasonal changes in the gastro-intestinal helminth parasites of red sokoto (maradi) goats slaughtered at ibadan between may 1991 and april 1992. egg types of strongyles, strongyloides, trichuris, skrjabinema, dicrocoelium and moniezia were encountered in 93%, 83%, 44%, 0.9%, 2.3% and 31% of the faecal samples respectively. however, only strongyle, strongyloides and trichuris eggs occurred in ...19968960229
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