the incidence of thiabendazole resistance in field populations of haemonchus contortus on the northern tablelands of new south wales.a survey was undertaken to assess the incidence of thiabendazole resistance in field populations of h. contortus in sheep flocks on 40 farms distributed throughout the sheep grazing area of the northern tablelands of new south wales. treatment with thiabendazole at 66 mg/kg reduced h. contortus ova output by 96-100% in 18 flocks while in the remaining 22 there was a range of responses down to levels where the anthelmintic was without apparent effect. factors which may contribute to the high inci ...1979543833
characterization of moxidectin resistant trichostrongylus colubriformis and haemonchus contortus.the development of moxidectin resistance (mox-r) in sheep parasitic gastrointestinal nematodes already carrying multiple resistances to other anthelmintic groups has made control of these strains very difficult. the anthelmintic resistance patterns of mox-r strains of trichostrongylus colubriformis and haemonchus contortus were characterized to provide an insight into the remaining role of anthelmintics in the control of such strains. homozygous mox-r individuals of both genera were unaffected b ...200415725536
anthelmintic resistance in ovine gastrointestinal nematodes in inland southern establish the prevalence of anthelmintic resistance in ovine gastrointestinal nematodes in southern queensland.201425348144
availability of gastro-intestinal nematode larvae to sheep following winter contamination of pasture with six nematode species on the northern tablelands of new south wales.this experiment was designed to determine the infective consequences of winter pasture contamination by sheep infected with 6 species of trichostrongylid gastro-intestinal nematode (gin) at armidale in the new england region of nsw. ten helminthologically inert pasture plots were contaminated using 'donor' sheep harbouring artificial infections of haemonchus contortus, trichostrongylus colubriformis, trichostrongylus vitrinus, trichostrongylus axei, nematodirus spathiger and teladorsagia circumc ...200919070435
the isolation of a field strain of haemonchus contortus in queensland showing multiple anthelmintic resistance.following the apparent failure of levamisole to control infections of haemonchus contortus in sheep at lawes in south eastern queensland, a strain of this parasite was isolated at the animal research institute, yeerongpilly. this strain was used to infect sheep at yeerongpilly and the merrindale research station, victoria where four experiments to classify the resistance pattern of the parasite were carried out. resistance to thiabendazole was first suspected in 1969, and these experiments confi ...19817259650
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