the isolation of a field strain of haemonchus contortus in queensland showing multiple anthelmintic resistance.following the apparent failure of levamisole to control infections of haemonchus contortus in sheep at lawes in south eastern queensland, a strain of this parasite was isolated at the animal research institute, yeerongpilly. this strain was used to infect sheep at yeerongpilly and the merrindale research station, victoria where four experiments to classify the resistance pattern of the parasite were carried out. resistance to thiabendazole was first suspected in 1969, and these experiments confi ...19817259650
a combined microscopic-molecular method for the diagnosis of strongylid infections in sheep.we evaluated a combined microscopic-molecular approach for the diagnosis of key strongylid infections in sheep using panels of well-defined control and test samples. the method established is based on the separation of nematode eggs from faecal samples using a salt flotation procedure, the extraction and column-purification of genomic dna, followed by real-time pcr and melting-curve analysis. specific and semi-quantitative amplification from (a minimum of 0.1-2.0pg) genomic dna of haemonchus con ...200919328802
minimising the development of anthelmintic resistance, and optimising the use of the novel anthelmintic monepantel, for the sustainable control of nematode parasites in australian sheep grazing compare the risk of different treatment scenarios on selecting for anthelmintic resistance on australian sheep farms.201121495986
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