two field strains of haemonchus contortus resistant to rafoxanide.two field strains of haemonchus contortus, one from pretoria on the highveld and the other from white river in the lowveld of the transvaal, showed pronounced resistance to rafoxanide at a dosage rate of 7.5 mg/kg live mass per os. both of these strains originated from kikuyu pastures under irrigation. resistance in south africa to rafoxanide and other anthelmintics, namely, closantel, ivermectin and the benzimidazoles is reviewed. it is concluded that apart from avoiding farming practices where ...19873306550
genetic parameters for resistance to haemonchus contortus in merino sheep in south africa.resistance to natural infections of haemonchus contortus (wireworm) was studied in merino sheep. from february 1995 to july 1996 data were collected from the otk merino stud on the farm wildebeesfontein near hendrina in mpumalanga province. from march 1998 to january 2000 another merino flock at irene in gauteng province was included in the study. in both cases, 50 randomly-chosen animals from each group of lambs weaned were sampled weekly for faecal egg count (fec) until a mean of 2500 eggs per ...200212088074
little anthelmintic drenching required for lambs finished over winter and spring on annually re-established irrigated pasture on the highveld of gauteng province, south part of a trial to test the profitability of finishing weaner lambs over winter and spring on the highveld of gauteng province, an investigation was carried out over 4 consecutive years as to whether or not worm control was necessary while the lambs were on irrigated, improved pastures. pastures that had not been grazed by sheep or other livestock for at least 5 years were planted to annual ryegrass (lolium multiflora) that was ploughed under and replanted annually. weaner lambs were randomly ...200312836737
relative economic benefits of tactical anthelmintic treatment and urea-molasses block supplementation of boer goats raised under extensive grazing conditions at onderstepoort, pretoria, south africa.the potential economic benefits of combining tactical anthelmintic treatment for gastrointestinal nematodes and nutritional supplementation with urea-molasses blocks were examined in boer goats raised under extensive grazing conditions in the summer rainfall area of south africa. eight groups of nine goats were monitored over a 12-month period from 1 october 2002 to 9 october 2003. ad libitum nutritional supplementation with urea-molasses blocks was provided when the goats were housed at night, ...200819040138
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