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incidence of aeromonas species in diarrhoeic stool in university college hospital ibadan, nigeria.between february and july 1989, stool samples from 100 diarrhoeic patients were screened for aeromonas species. for isolation, alkaline peptone water was used for enrichment and xylose desoxycholate citrate agar as differential and selective medium. only one sample (1%) yielded aeromonas hydrophila having come from a 2-month old baby. no other enteric pathogens were isolated from the positive stool sample, a strong indication that a. hydrophila was responsible for the diarrhoea in the baby. of n ...19938440086
childhood gastroenteritis due to aeromonas hydrophila in ibadan, nigeria.this is a prospective study spanning a period of six months where stools of 400 diarrhoeic children and 100 non-diarrhoeic children aged 0-5 years were screened for aeromonas hydrophila and other enteric pathogens. out of the 400 diarrhoeic stools only three (0.75%) were positive for aeromonas hydrophila while none was positive in the control group. no other enteric pathogen was isolated from these positive samples, indicating that aeromonas hydrophila is responsible for their diarrhoea. continu ...200114510117
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