phenotypic characteristics of human clinical and environmental aeromonas in western australia.: to determine the phenotypic characteristics of 199 aeromonas strains comprising 146 clinical and 53 environmental isolates.201121519288
outbreak of aeromonas hydrophila wound infections associated with mud football.on 16 february 2002, a total of 26 people presented to the emergency department of the local hospital in the rural town of collie in southwest western australia with many infected scratches and pustules distributed over their bodies. all of the patients had participated in a "mud football" competition the previous day, in which there had been ~100 participants. one patient required removal of an infected thumbnail, and another required surgical debridement of an infected toe. aeromonas hydrophil ...200415095211
isolation of aeromonas hydrophila from a metropolitan water supply: seasonal correlation with clinical isolates.the occurrence of aeromonas spp. in the metropolitan water supply of perth, western australia, australia, was monitored at several sampling points during a period of 1 year. water within the distribution system conformed to international standards for drinking water but contained aeromonas spp. in numbers comparable to those in raw surface water, although this water was free of escherichia coli. coliforms and e. coli were found in raw surface waters, and aeromonas spp. were found in raw water fr ...19846385848
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