characterization and structure elucidation of antibacterial compound of streptomyces sp. ecr77 isolated from east coast of india.forty marine actinobacteria were isolated from the sediments of east coast (bay of bengal) region of tamilnadu, india. morphologically distinct colonies were primarily tested against fish pathogenic bacteria such as vibrio cholerae, v. parahaemolyticus, v. alginolyticus, pseudomonas fluorescens and aeromonas hydrophila by cross-streak plate method. the secondary metabolites produced by the highly potential strain cultured on starch casein broth were extracted separately with various solvents suc ...201525656264
immune response in the tilapia, oreochromis mossambicus on exposure to tannery effluent.the objective of the study was to investigate the effect of chronic exposure to sublethal concentrations of tannery effluent (te) on the specific immune response and nonspecific immunity in tilapia, oreochromis mossambicus. the effluent from the tannery was collected directly from a chrome-tanning factory situated in dindigul district, tamil nadu, india. apart from chromium (88.2 ppm), the effluent contained appreciable amount of calcium carbonate and sodium sulphate. groups of fish (45-50 g) we ...200717261332
occurrence of aeromonas hydrophila in acute gasteroenteritis among children.the interest on the occurrence multidrug resistance and pathogenicity of aeromonas hydrophila is increasing worldwide since it causes gasteroenteritis to children. though reports on the occurrence of gasteroenteritis among children due to a. hydrophila in tamil nadu are available from certain areas, no information is available from coimbatore. hence, this study was undertaken to find out the occurrence of the pathogenic a. hydrophila in diarrhoeal stool of children, particularly in coimbatore re ...200616567870
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