random amplified polymorphic dna typing of clinical and environmental aeromonas hydrophila strains from limpopo province, south africa.the aim of the present study was to determine the genetic relatedness of strains isolated from diarrhoeal stool and water specimens collected from water-storage containers from different geographical areas in the limpopo province. in total, 32 aeromonas strains isolated from stool specimens collected from hiv/aids patients suffering from gastroenteritis and their household drinking-water stored in 20-l and 25-l containers were analyzed by random amplified polymorphic dna pcr (rapd). the rapd fin ...201020214080
prevalence, pathogenesis, antibiotic susceptibility profiles, and in-vitro activity of selected medicinal plants against aeromonas isolates from stool samples of patients in the venda region of south africa.the prevalence, pathogenic indices, such as haemolytic and haemagglutinating activities, antibiograms, and in-vitro activities of local medicinal plants against aeromonas isolates in vhembe district of limpopo province, south africa, were studied using standard microbiological methods. in total, 309 diarrhoeic stool samples were collected from patients attending five health centres in the region during december 2004-may 2005. aeromonas species were identified using the api 20e system. the haemag ...200718402186
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