isolation of mycobacterium avium complex from bone marrow aspirates of aids patients in brazil.mycobacterium avium complex (mac) infection has not been reported as a major opportunistic infection among patients with aids in latin america or africa. in this study, 125 aids patients who had persistent fever, anemia, and leukopenia were examined among 2628 aids patients admitted to instituto de infectologia emilio ribas between may 1990 and april 1992. from the bone marrow aspirates of the 125 patients, mac was isolated from 23 (18.4%) and mycobacterium tuberculosis was isolated from 9 (7.2% ...19938354922
systemic mycobacterioses in aids patients as determined by blood cultures on biphasic medium.bacteremia due to mycobacteria can occur in aids patients in whom a rapid diagnosis is extremely important in order to plan a therapeutic conduct. blood culture of mycobacteria using a biphasic system was set up in the regional laboratories of the adolfo lutz institute, sp (campinas, ribeirão preto, santo andré, santos, são josé do rio preto and sorocaba). during a three year period (1994-97), 1521 blood samples were analyzed from 1336 aids patients, with cd4+ cell count < 100/ml, hematocrit < 3 ...199910425659
mycobacteraemia among hiv-1-infected patients in são paulo, brazil: 1995 to 1998.from july 1995 to august 1998, mycobacterial blood cultures were obtained from 1032 hiv-infected patients seen at the centro de referência e treinamento de aids (crta), hospital são paulo (hsp), and centro de referência de aids de santos (cras). overall, 179 episodes of mycobacteraemia were detected: 111 (62.0%) at crta, 50 (27.9%) at hsp, and 18 (10.1%) at cras. the frequency of positive cultures declined sharply from 22.6% in 1995 to 6.9% in 1998, consistent with the decrease in opportunistic ...200414979601
analysis of mycobacterium avium complex serovars isolated from aids patients from southeast brazil.the purpose of this study was to assess the distribution of mycobacterium avium serovars isolated from aids patients in são paulo and rio de janeiro. ninety single site or multiple site isolates from 75 patients were examined. the most frequent serovars found were 8 (39.2%), 4 (21.4%) and 1 (10.7%). the frequency of mixed infections with serovar 8 or 4 was 37.8%. among the 90 strains examined, m. intracellulare serovars (7 strains) and m. scrofulaceum (4 strains) were found in 11 isolates (12%) ...19979361739
is1245 genotypic analysis of mycobacterium avium isolates from patients in brazil.disseminated mycobacterium avium infection is an emerging opportunistic disease among patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) in brazil. the mode of transmission of m. avium in a developing country setting needs to be better characterized.199910575147
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