myxomatosis in farmland rabbit populations in england and wales.the overall pattern and consequences of myxomatosis in wild rabbit populations were studied at three farmland sites in lowland southern england and upland central wales between 1971 and 1978. when results from all years were combined, the disease showed a clear two-peaked annual cycle, with a main autumn peak between august and january, and a subsidiary spring peak during february to april. rabbit fleas, the main vectors of myxomatosis in britain, were present on full-grown rabbits in sufficient ...19892806418
fifty years with viruses (christopher h. andrewes). 19734361624
an outbreak of myxomatosis caused by a moderately attenuated strain of myxoma virus. 196414239923
molecular species identification, host preference and detection of myxoma virus in the anopheles maculipennis complex (diptera: culicidae) in southern england, uk.determining the host feeding patterns of mosquitoes by identifying the origin of their blood-meals is an important part of understanding the role of vector species in current and future disease transmission cycles. collecting large numbers of blood-fed mosquitoes from the field is difficult, therefore it is important to maximise the information obtained from each specimen. this study aimed to use mosquito genome sequence to identify the species within anopheles maculipennis sensu lato (an. macul ...201526271277
a reappraisal of the role of mosquitoes in the transmission of myxomatosis in britain.field experiments were made in southern england to re-examine the possibility that mosquitoes in britain might feed on wild rabbits and hence be vectors of myxomatosis. mosquitoes of several species were attracted to rabbits enclosed in cylindrical traps and in a trap in which the animal was placed in a wire mesh cage. substantial numbers of mosquitoes were also caught biting, or attempting to bite, tethered rabbits which were not in cages or traps. evidence that mosquitoes fed on wild rabbits u ...19714401995
the development of genetic resistance to myxomatosis in wild rabbits in britain.the presence of genetic resistance to myxomatosis in a sample of wild rabbits from one area in england was reported in 1977. rabbits from three other areas in great britain have been tested subsequently, and all cases showed similar resistance to a moderately virulent strain of myxoma virus. rabbits from one area also showed a significant degree of resistance to a fully virulent strain of virus. it is concluded that genetic resistance to myxomatosis is widespread in wild rabbit populations in br ...19846736637
possible windborne spread of myxomatosis to england in analysis of the meterological conditions showed that the first outbreaks of myxomatosis in s.e. england in 1953 could have resulted from wind carriage of insects infected with myxoma virus from northern france. south-easterly winds on the night 11-12 august would have carried the insects 120-160 km from the départements of nord, pas de calais and somme across the english channel to near edenbridge, kent. the flight would have taken 6.5-8.5 h at wind speeds of 15-22 km h-1. on the night 11-12 ...19872881798
innate resistance to myxomatosis in wild rabbits in england.wild rabbits (oryctolagus cuniculus) from one study area in england have been used over a period of 11 years to investigate the possible appearance of innate resistance to myxomatosis. rabbits of 4-6 weeks old were captured alive, retained in the laboratory until at least 4 months old, and then infected with a type of myxoma virus which kills 90-95% of laboratory rabbits. observations were made of symptoms, mortality rate and survival the first 4 years of the study (1966-9), mortality r ...1977270526
some observations on the use of the quchterlony gel diffusion technique in the study of myxomatosis. 196314066594
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