myxomatosis on the western plains of victoria.myxomatosis on the western plains is an enzootic disease in contrast with the epizootic pattern which is general in eastern australia. the most unusual aspects are the presence of significant numbers of diseased rabbits throughout the winter and the continuously low percentage of rabbits with antibodies to myxoma virus. climatic and topographic conditions are unsuited to the production of the high densities of mosquitoes necessary for widespread epizootics. under these conditions the effects of ...197720473
myxomatosis: the transmission of a highly virulent strain of myxoma virus by the european rabbit flea sphilopsyllus cuniculi (dale) in the mallee region of victoria.the european rabbit flea spilopsyllus cuniculi (daley was introduced into australia to act as a vector of myxoma virus. it was first released in the semi-arid mallee region of victoria in 1970 where epizootics cuased by field strains of myxoma virus occur each summer. introductions of the readily identified lausanne strain were made annually following the release of the flea. the introductions were successful and the strain persisted for up to 16 weeks despite competition from field strains. the ...1977270525
myxomatosis: changes in the epidemiology of myxomatosis coincident with the establishment of the european rabbit flea spilopsyllus cuniculi (dale) in the mallee region of victoria.outbreaks of myxomatosis during the winter or spring have coincided with the establishment of the european rabbit flea in the mallee region. the severity of these outbreaks has varied from causing complete suppression of the normal spring increase in rabbit numbers to being completely ineffective in a year in which late spring rains allowed rabbit breeding to extend into the early 1973 and 1974 effective spring myxomatosis caused heavy mortality in kittens before they emerged from the ...1978569676
myxomatosis in the mallee region of victoria, reductions in the wild rabbit (oryctolagus cuniculus (l.)) population in the mallee are associated with annual myxomatosis epizootics. the extent to which the population reductions are the direct result of the epizootics varies with time of epizootic occurrence. all grazing animals in the mallee are under nutritional stress each summer and autumn. when the epizootic occurs during the early summer heavy losses occur in a previously healthy population. similar losses which occur in the late ...1978701787
myxomatosis: the occurrence of antibody to a soluble antigen of myxoma virus in wild rabbits, oryctolagus cuniculus (l.), in victoria, australia.the occurrence of antibody of myxoma virus in wild rabbits following epizootics is highest in the semi-arid north-west of victoria and lowest in temperate southern victoria. occurrence ranges up to about 90% in the north-west and to about 70% in the south except on the western plains where epizootics are rare and antibody occurrence seldom exceeds 30%. the establishment of the european rabbit flea may be changing the pattern of occurrence of antibody in the north-west by causing spring outbreaks ...1978701788
myxomatosis: the virulence of field strains of myxoma virus in a population of wild rabbits (oryctolagus cuniculus l.) with high resistance to myxomatosis.the virulence of field strains of myxoma virus is increasing in the mallee region of victoria where the resistance of the rabbit to myxomatosis is high. this suggests that the climax association will be a moderately severe disease.19751056963
deliberate introduction of the european rabbit, oryctolagus cuniculus, into australia.the european rabbit was brought to australia as a companion animal by early settlers. it sometimes escaped, but failed to survive in the australian bush. in 1879 wild rabbits were deliberately sent to victoria to provide game for wealthy settlers to shoot. they soon spread all over australia, except in the tropics, and became australia's major animal pest. after careful testing in australian wildlife and in humans, control by myxoma virus was introduced at various sites between 1937 and 1950, sp ...201020617651
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