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Investigation of Chagas disease in four periurban areas in northeastern Brazil: epidemiologic survey in man, vectors, non-human hosts and reservoirs.Chagas disease was investigated in four periurban areas of Ceará state, northeastern Brazil, through serological, parasitological and molecular methods in humans, reservoirs and vectors. A cross-sectional survey revealed a seroprevalence rate of 1.2% (13/1076 residents, six also proving positive through PCR). Trypanosoma cruzi infection was not detected in children under 10 years old. Triatoma pseudomaculata prevailed in the peridomiciles: 63 specimens, 69% (34/49) infected with trypanosomatids. ...201122136953
[surveillance of plague in the state of ceará: 1990-1999].serological surveillance activities regarding the foci of plague in ceará state have detected a rising number of sentinel animals with antiplague antibodies in 1995, with a peak in 1997 demonstrating an increase in the plague bacteria activities throughout all the foci investigated. from a total of 110,725 serum samples collected from rodents (7,873) and domestic carnivores (102,852) analyzed by the hemaglutination technique (ha) for antibodies against f1 antigen of yersinia pestis 905 samples t ...200212011922
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