leishmaniasis in tuscany (italy): (ii) leishmania form wild bodentia and carnivora in a human and canine leishmaniasis focus.from april 1977 to february 1978, wild mammals were trapped in a focus of low leishmanial endemicity (baccinello) in the province of grosseto (tuscany, italy). spleen homogenates of the trapped animals were injected i.p. into hamsters, from which spleen biopsies were taken after 60 days and impression smears carefully observed for the presence of leishmania. positive spleens were subinoculated into hamsters. 404 animals of 12 species were trapped: 31 insectivores, 317 rodents and 56 carnivores. ...19807434419
leishmaniasis in tuscany (italy) v. further isolation of leishmania from rattus rattus in the province of grosseto. 19817305507
leishmaniasis in tuscany (italy): vii. studies on the role of the black rat, rattus rattus, in the epidemiology of visceral leishmaniasis.the recent finding that four leishmania isolates from rattus rattus are enzymologically identical to l. infantum, aetiological agent of human and canine visceral leishmaniasis in the mediterranean area, has stimulated further research on the role of r. rattus in the epidemiology of visceral leishmaniasis in tuscany, italy. the present work has led to the following results: (a) r. rattus experimentally infected with l. infantum displayed a general resistance to the parasite, even though it appear ...19836636269
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