[research on three parasitic infestations in rats captured in marseille: evaluation of the zoonotic risk].a cross sectional survey was carried out on a population of 82 rats (rattus norvegicus and rattus rattus alexandrinus) trapped in marseille. the main histopathological finding was the presence of adults or eggs of capillaria hepatica in 44% of the animals. 21% were found with fleas (xenopsylla cheopis). there was no evidence of trichinosis in any of the rats examined. hepatic capillariasis is a zoonosis seldom described in human beings. about 30 human cases have been reported in the world. human ...19979312363
[supplementary report on the study of resistance to coumafene in rattus ratus observed at marseilles].a resistance to coumafene has previously been observed among rattus rattus in a foodstuffs warehouse in the port of marseille. new tests are here reported. they concern rats captured in two warehouses situated at a distance of 1,000 m. from one another, and separated by a distance approximately similar to that of the first warehouse explored. the experiments which were carried out, although limited in number, have clearly shown a resistance to coumafene administered in high doses in a rat of the ...1978743778
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