a serological survey of rodent plague in taiwan and offshore islands.serological surveys were made on individual sera of small animals trapped on taiwan and offshore islands. the animals were shrews of the species suncus murinus, and rats of the species rattus rattus and r. norvegicus. the tests showed that on makung in the peng-hu islands (pescadores), 66% of the shrews, 30% of the r. rattus and 15% of the r. norvegicus had passive haemagglutination titres with fraction 1 antigens in the range of 1:16 to 1:256, indicative of previous plague infections. these obs ...19685303332
seasonal periodicity of ectoparasites of rattus rattus tanezumi temminck from taiwan. 19705451048
population indices of chiggers (leptotrombidium deliense) and incidence of scrub typhus in chinese military personnel, pescadores islands of taiwan, 1976-77.larval leptotrombidium deliense were recovered from live-trapped suncus murinus, rattus rattus and r. norvegicus captured in the pescadores islands of taiwan during 1976 and 1977. weekly and monthly indices of chigger infestation expressed as a percentage of hosts infested and the number of chiggers per host for s. murinus and rattus spp. were calculated. close correlations were observed between monthly indices of l. deliense measured for s. murinus and rattus spp. and the number of laboratory-c ...19827080163
seroepidemiology of hantaan virus infection in order to investigate the infection rate of hantaan virus in taiwan, a total of 6,536 human serum samples were collected from residents, selected by stratified random sampling, from 19 townships covering four different ethnic groups: aborigines, fukien taiwanese, hakka taiwanese, and mainland chinese. serum samples were screened for hantaan virus antibodies by indirect immunofluorescence. the prototype hantaan virus (76/118)-infected vero e6 cells were used as the viral antigen for the antibod ...19968950687
surveillance of endoparasitic infections and the first report of physaloptera sp. and sarcocystis spp. in farm rodents and shrews in central taiwan.a total of 95 rodents and shrews including 82 rattus norvegicus, 7 rattus rattus, and 6 suncus murinus were trapped from different localities of taichung, taiwan. the overall prevalence of parasites was 93.7%. the infection rates for r. norvegicus, r. rattus, and s. murinus were 93.9%, 85.7%, and 100%, respectively. the rats were infected with four cestodes, taenia taeniaeformis (48.4%), hymenolepis diminuta (38.9%), hymenolepis nana (5.3%), and raillietina celebensis (45.3%); ten nematodes, ang ...200919194075
epidemiology of bartonella infection in rodents and shrews in taiwan.during the period of august 2002 and november 2004, an epidemiological investigation for bartonella infection was conducted in small mammals in taiwan. using whole blood culture on chocolate agar plates, bartonella species were successfully isolated from 41.3% of the 310 animals tested. the isolation rate of bartonella species varied among different animal species, including 52.7% of the 169 rattus norvegicus, 28.6% of the 126 sucus murinus, 10% of the 10 rattus rattus and 66.7% of the three rat ...201019538457
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