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plague in central java, indonesia.plague in man occurred from 1968 to 1970 in mountain villages of the boyolali regency in central java. infected fleas, infected rats, and seropositive rats were collected in villages with human plague cases. subsequent isolations of yersinia pestis and seropositive rodents, detected during investigations of rodent plague undertaken by the government of indonesia and the who, attested to the persistence of plague in the region from 1972 to 1974.since 1968, the incidence of both rodent and human p ...19806968252
marked genomic heterogeneity of rat hepatitis e virus strains in indonesia demonstrated on a full-length genome analysis.rat hepatitis e virus (hev) strains have recently been isolated in several areas of germany, vietnam, the united states, indonesia and china. however, genetic information regarding these rat hev strains is limited. a total of 369 wild rats (rattus rattus) captured in central java (solo) and on lombok island, indonesia were tested for the presence of rat hev-specific antibodies and rna. overall, 137 rats (37.1%) tested positive for rat anti-hev antibodies, while 97 (26.3%) had rat hev rna detecta ...201424231359
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