schistosoma incognitum and its zoonotic potential role in phitsanulok and phichit provinces, northern thailand.a study on schistosoma incognitum, a blood fluke of a variety of mammals, was conducted in different ecological conditions in phitsanulok and phichit, northern thailand. the intermediate host of s. incognitum in permanent water habitats studied, i.e; swamps and ditches is radix (lymnaea) auricularia rubiginosa. of 44,412 mollusks representing 13 different species collected from 24 water habitats studied, 7,186 were r. a. rubiginosa. s. incognitum infection rate in the snails was 2.1%. 483 rattus ...19836635754
survey of angiostrongylus cantonensis in rats and giant african land snails in phitsanulok province, survey the angiostrongylus cantonensis (a. cantonensis) or the rat lungworm in a rat, definitive host, and in a giant african land snail (achatina fulica), the intermediate host, in phitsanulok, thailand.201121914534
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