a survey of helminth infection in rats (rattus spp) from chiang mai investigation of helminths in the norway (brown) rat, rattus norvegicus, and roof rat, rattus rattus, from chiang mai moat during may to august 1995, was done. thirty-three out of thirty-eight trapped rats were infected (86.84%); 16 r. norvegicus (100%) and 17/22 r. rattus (77.27%). the rat was infected with 10 helminth species: 4 trematodes, centrocestus sp (2.63%), echinostoma ilocanum (10.52%), echinostoma malayanum (10.52%) and quinqueseralis quinqueseralis (39.47%); 2 cestodes, raillieti ...19979656373
schistosoma ovuncatum n. sp. (digenea: schistosomatidae) from northwest thailand and the historical biogeography of southeast asian schistosoma weinland, 1858.schistosoma sinensium bao, 1958 was first isolated from an unidentified snail in sichuan province, pr china. this species was apparently rediscovered in chiang mai province, northwest thailand (baidikul et al., 1984); the definitive host was the rat rattus rattus and the intermediate host was the snail tricula bollingi. in this paper s. sinensium is rediscovered in sichuan province and compared with worms recovered from experimentally infected mice, which had been exposed to cercariae shed by t. ...200211721191
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