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prevalence of rat fleas in and around delhi (india) area and their susceptibility status to insecticides.a rapid survey in delhi and surrounding areas was undertaken in september 1994, during plague outbreak in district beed (maharashtra) and surat (gujarat) to monitor rodent/flea population and to determine susceptibility status of fleas to insecticides. the five rodent species in order of their prevalence were rattus rattus (86.06%), mus musculus (15.33%), suncus murinus (2.47%), bandicoota indica (0.48%) and b. bengalensis (0.48%). two flea species, xenopsylla cheopis and x. astia, were captured ...19968806038
entomological and rodent surveillance in plague-suspected areas during september 1994 and thereafter.studies carried out in the states of maharashtra, gujarat, uttar pradesh and union territory of delhi after the bubonic plague outbreak during 1994 revealed the presence of seven species of rodents, viz. rattus rattus, r. norvegicus, mus. musculus, tatera indica, suncus murinus, bandicoota bengalensis and b. indica. the flea species encountered were xenopsylla cheopis and x. astia. the x. cheopis and x. astia index recorded in different areas of beed district of maharashtra; surat, vadodra and b ...19979556751
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