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quick control of bubonic plague outbreak in uttar kashi, india.a localized outbreak of bubonic plague occurred in village dangud (population 332), district uttar kashi, uttaranchal, india in the second week of october 2004. 8 cases were considered outbreak associated based on their clinical and epidemiological characteristics; 3 (27.3%) of them died within 48 hours of developing illness. all the 3 fatal cases and five surviving cases had enlargement of inguinal lymph nodes. none of them had pneumonia. the age of the cases ranged from 23-70 years and both se ...200416506545
outbreak investigation of scrub typhus in himachal pradesh (india).scrub typhus outbreak investigation was undertaken during september 2003 in the three worst affected districts shimla, solan and sirmaur in himachal pradesh (india). a total of 113 cases and 19 deaths (17.27 percent case fatality rate) were reported from the eight districts, which were reporting cases. cases were prevalent in all age groups and in both the sexes among the persons frequenting forest for occupational work. 35.7 percent of the patients serum samples showed a titer of > 1: 80 agains ...200416506551
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