plague, a reemerging disease in madagascar.human cases of plague, which had virtually disappeared in madagascar after the 1930s, reappeared in 1990 with more than 200 confirmed or presumptive cases reported each year since. in the port of mahajanga, plague has been reintroduced, and epidemics occur every year. in antananarivo, the capital, the number of new cases has increased, and many rodents are infected with yersinia pestis. despite surveillance for the sensitivity of y. pestis and fleas to drugs and insecticides and control measures ...19989452403
[a contribution to the history of understanding the epidemiology of plague in madagascar].plague appeared in madagascar in 1898, the pandemic coinciding with the french conquest. until 1921, harbor epidemics occurred in tamatave, majunga, diégo-suarez, fort-dauphin, vatomandry. in 1921, probably favored by the building of roads and railways, plague takes root on the high lands where it becomes endemic above 800 meters. the vaccine achievement by girard and robic with the ev strain, and its mass application from 1935 by estrade, milliau, brault, seyberlich and jan keguistel, allowed t ...199511625936
phylogeography and molecular epidemiology of yersinia pestis in madagascar.plague was introduced to madagascar in 1898 and continues to be a significant human health problem. it exists mainly in the central highlands, but in the 1990s was reintroduced to the port city of mahajanga, where it caused extensive human outbreaks. despite its prevalence, the phylogeography and molecular epidemiology of y. pestis in madagascar has been difficult to study due to the great genetic similarity among isolates. we examine island-wide geographic-genetic patterns based upon whole-geno ...201121931876
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