seroprevalence of rickettsia typhi and rickettsia conorii infection among rodents and dogs in egypt.a serological survey of 1813 rodent and 549 dog sera, collected from 1979 to 1986 from animals in 16 egyptian governorates were tested for antibody to rickettsia typhi and rickettsia conorii by the indirect fluorescent antibody test. only three of 82 (4%) sera from rattus rattus collected near aswan had antibody to r. conorii. the prevalence of r. typhi antibody in dog sera was only 0.4% (n = 549) while 25% (n = 547) of rattus norvegicus and 11% (n = 1138) of r. rattus had measurable antibodies. ...19892509729
the discovery and preliminary characterization of a novel trypanosomatid parasite from rattus norvegicus and stray dogs from alexandria, egypt.a survey of rodents and dogs was carried out in alexandria and its environs to see if an animal reservoir was associated with an outbreak of infantile kala-azar in this area. three rodent species, rattus rattus, rattus norvegicus and mus musculus, were commonly trapped and examined. a flagellate parasite was isolated from the spleens of two r. norvegicus. it was typed serologically by excreted factor serotyping and enzymologically by thick starch electrophoresis of four of its enzymes: gpi, g6pd ...19883257073
the potential role of rattus rattus in enzootic cycle of rift valley fever in egypt 2-application of reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) in blood samples of rattus rattus.a reverse transcriptase -polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) was applied to detect rift valley fever virus (rvf-v) in blood samples of rattus rattus (r. rattus) collected from 3 different governorates of egypt, alexandria, behira and minia governorates (one hundred each). out of 300 blood samples 29(9.67%) were positive for rvf-virus by rt-pcr with higher percent in behira governorate rural areas (16%), followed by minia governorate rural areas (13.85%) while the lowest percent was in alexandria ...200217219894
the potential role of rattus rattus in enzootic cycle of rift valley fever in egypt. 1-detection of rvf antibodies in r. rattus blood samples by both enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay (elisa) and immuno-diffusion technique (id).three hundreds of rattus rattus (r. rattus) were trapped from 3 different governorates of egypt (one hundred each), blood samples were withdrawal and subjected for detection of anti-rvf antibodies by both elisa and id techniques. the prevalence rate of antibodies by elisa were 88 (29.33%) positive out of 300 tested blood samples, the highest rate was in behira governorate 36 (36%) and the lowest one was in alexandria governorate 22 (22%) while it was 30 (30%) in minia governorate. but when id te ...200117216936
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