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some field and laboratory studies on rattus rattus subspecies and rattus norvegicus in two egyptian governorates of different ecological characters.both damietta and qualyobia governorates were examined for the seasonal activities of rattus species and subspecies and their natural infection with trypanosoma lewisi. the common domestic rodents identified were rattus r. alexandrinus, r. r. frugivorus and rattus norvegicus. they were common all the year round except in winter for r. norvegicus in damietta. gravid females of the three rodent species, were identified in damietta in summer, in addition to autumn for r. norvegicus only. in qualyob ...200212512813
seasonal variation of infestation rate with lice, tick and mite among rodents in certain egyptian regions.four species of mites (ornithonyssus bacoti, haemolaelaps glusgowi, echinolaelaps echinolelaps & dermanyssus gallinae), two species of ticks (rhipicephalus sanguineus & hyalomma dromedarrii) and one species of lice (polyplax spinulose) were identified on rodents during 4 successive seasons (2005) trapped in five governorates (suez, menoufia, giza, damietta and beni-sewaf). the rodents were rattus norvegicus, rattus rattus alexandrinus, rattus rattus frugivourus, acomys cahirinus and mus musculus ...200919795768
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