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studies on the interrelation between rodents and their ectoparasitic acarines in riyadh region, saudi arabia.the ectoparasitic acarines of commensal and wild rodents collected from various areas in riyadh region were four species of mites (laelaps nutalli, ornythonyssus bacoti, cheyletus eruditus and articholaelaps glasgowi), and two species of ticks. (immature stages) rhipicephalus spp. and hyalomma spp. in urban areas the highest infestation rate by mites was 49.9% on rattus rattus followed by 18.5% on rattus norvegicus. the highest rat-mite index was 2.3 on r. rattus followed by 1.3 on r. norvegicus ...19938308342
studies on the ectoparasites (fleas and lice) on rodents in riyadh and its surroundings, saudi arabia.a survey was conducted on rodents from the riyadh city and surroundings. two species of fleas, xenopsylla cheopis and ctenocephalides felis felis together with polyplax spinulosa were collected. the highest infestation rate by both fleas occurred on rattus rattus followed by rattus norvegicus and mus musculus. females of r. rattus and r. norvegicus were more infested by fleas than males. on the other hand, meriones spp., gerbillus spp., jaculus jaculus and acomys dimidiatus were infested with x. ...19938308348
studies on commensal rodents in riyadh city, saudi arabia.a trapping survey in riyadh revealed that the abundant commensal rodent species were rattus rattus frugivorous (43%), r.r. alexandrinus (18%), r.r. rattus (14%), r.r. flaviventris (12%), rattus norvegicus (9%), mus musculus praetetus (3%) and mus m. gentilulus (1%). r.r. frugivorous was the predominant species in all the nine selected areas. the male: female ratio was 0.4: 0.6 for both r. norvegicus and r. rattus. in both r. norvegicus and r. rattus, the mature rats outnumbered the immature ones ...19938376873
babesia infection in rodents trapped in riyadh region, saudi arabia, with a general discussion.species of babesia are intraerythrocytic protozoal parasites of many species of mammalians in all parts of the world where the tick-vectors are found. babesiosis or piroplasmosis causes considerable damage to the livestock and other animals. human babesiosis has been documented in many countries. consequently, babesiosis is a zoonotic disease of medical, veterinary and economic importance. in this study, a total of 310 rodents of different species were trapped from different areas in riyadh regi ...19948169440
rodents and their ectoparasites in wadi hanifah, riyadh city, saudi arabia.a survey was conducted on commercial and wild rodents from different locations in wadi hanifah in riyadh. six species of rodents were collected with wire net traps baited with fresh cucumber or fatty cheese. the trapped rodents in descending order of numbers were rattus rattus rattus, acomys dimidiatus, meriones libycus, r. r. frugivorus, r. r. alexandrinus and mus musculus. the ectoparasites were a flea, xenopsyllus sp. on r. r. frugivorus and a tick, rhipicephalus turanicus on each of a. dimid ...200111775100
genotyping of toxoplasma gondii from rats (rattus rattus) in riyadh, saudi arabia.toxoplasma 3 main clonal lineages are designated as type i, ii, and iii; however, atypical and mixed genotypes were also reported. this study was conducted for detection of toxoplasma gondii genotypes in rats (rattus rattus) in riyadh region, saudi arabia. pcr test on t. gondii b1 gene was conducted on elisa igm positive samples for confirmation of the infection. however, genetic analysis of the sag2 locus was performed to determine t. gondii genotypes using pcr-rflp technique. pcr test on t. go ...201425031465
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