serotypes and antimicrobial susceptibility of group b streptococcus isolated from neonates in casablanca.the serotypes and the levels of antibiotic resistance of 59 streptococcus agalactiae isolates from neonates in casablanca, from february 1992 to july 1997, were studied. most of the isolates (86.4%) were recovered from early-onset disease. the serotype distribution was as follows: serotype iii 39%; serotype ia 32.2%; and serotype v 10.2%. all strains were susceptible to penicillin g, cefotaxime and ampicillin, whereas 1 strain was resistant to erythromycin. no high level of resistance to gentami ...200010879617
[comparative study of neonatal bacterial meningitis in lomé, bobo-dioulasso, casablanca and lyon].bacterial meningitis in new-borns remains a serious event because of its high mortality and morbidity rates in africa.200415255360
[infections due to group b streptococci in the casablanca ibn-rochd university hospital between 2003 and 2005]. 200717336020
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