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knowledge and behavior of tourists to manu national park, peru, in relation to leishmaniasis.tourists have been infected with leishmania braziliensis and the lack of appropriate travel information on the disease has been documented. the aim of this study was to describe the knowledge and behavior of tourists booked on a trip to manu national park in peru in relation to leishmaniasis and its prevention.200212962609
native rodent species are unlikely sources of infection for leishmania (viannia) braziliensis along the transoceanic highway in madre de dios, estimated 2.3 million disability-adjusted life years are lost globally from leishmaniasis. in peru's amazon region, the department of madre de dios (mdd) rises above the rest of the country in terms of the annual incidence rates of human leishmaniasis. leishmania (viannia) braziliensis is the species most frequently responsible for the form of disease that results in tissue destruction of the nose and mouth. however, essentially nothing is known regarding the reservoirs of this vector-borne, ...201425062033
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