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distribution and etiology of leishmaniasis in colombia.a total of 340 leishmania strains, isolated from humans, animals, and sand flies from various regions of colombia, were examined by isozyme electrophoresis. seven different leishmania species were identified. leishmania panamensis and l. braziliensis were the most common, representing 53.8% and 30.3% of the total, respectively. isolation rates of the other species were as follows: l. chagasi, 9.4%; l. guyanensis, 2.6%; l. amazonensis, 1.8%; l. mexicana, 0.8%; and a new species requiring addition ...19902316790
molecular identification of vectors of leishmania in colombia: mitochondrial introgression in the lutzomyia townsendi series.the identity of the sandfly vectors of leishmania braziliensis in valle del cauca department, colombia, was originally given as lutzomyia townsendi, but then changed to l. youngi, another member of the l. townsendi series (verrucarum group) with isomorphic females. to identify members of this series in valle del cauca, we analyzed the nuclear gene elongation factor-alpha (ef-alpha) and the mitochondrial gene cytochrome b (cyt b). dna sequences from the l. verrucarum series (l. columbiana, l. eva ...200212443799
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