cutaneous leishmaniasis in western venezuela caused by infection with leishmania venezuelensis and l. braziliensis variants.between 1975 and 1987, epidemiological studies were carried out in several rural and urban communities in the central part of western venezuela, especially in the state of lara. 115 positive cultures were obtained from human cases and identified by their reactivity patterns to a cross-panel of specific monoclonal antibodies using a radioimmune binding assay; 53 were leishmania venezuelensis and 62 were l. braziliensis. most of these stocks were also characterized by isoenzyme electrophoresis, wh ...19921440772
lutzomyia ovallesi (diptera: psychodidae) as a vector of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the search for vectors of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the barro negro forest, duaca, lara state, venezuela, 4,864 wild-caught lutzomyia females were dissected and examined for promastigotes. natural infection was found in 25 (0.5%) lu. ovallesi. by biological parameters and enzyme electrophoresis all isolates from lu. ovallesi were indistinguishable from those obtained from humans and dogs in the same region. the isoenzyme profile of these isolates appear to indicate that strains were a hybrid ...19911841263
natural infection of lutzomyia ovallesi (diptera: psychodidae) with leishmania in duaca, lara state, venezuela. 19912068763
cotton rats (sigmodon hispidus) and black rats (rattus rattus) as possible reservoirs of leishmania spp. in lara state, venezuela.a total of 519 wild animals belonging to eleven species were collected during a two year study in a cutaneous leishmaniasis endemic area in venezuela (la matica, lara state). the animals were captured in home-made tomahawk-like traps baited with maize, bananas or other available local fruits, and parasites were isolated from 27 specimens. two different species were found naturally infected with flagellates, i.e., cotton rats (sigmodon hispidus) and black rats (rattus rattus). characterization of ...200212016437
leishmania species identification using fta card sampling directly from patients' cutaneous lesions in the state of lara, venezuela.a molecular epidemiological study was performed using fta card materials directly sampled from lesions of patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) in the state of lara, venezuela, where causative agents have been identified as leishmania (viannia) braziliensis and l. (leishmania) venezuelensis in previous studies. of the 17 patients diagnosed with cl, leishmania spp. were successfully identified in 16 patients based on analysis of the cytochrome b gene and rrna internal transcribed spacer sequ ...201121907375
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