isolation of leishmania braziliensis from lutzomyia ovallesi (diptera:psychodidae) in guatemala.leishmania braziliensis is endemic in guatemala and belize in central america. to help identify the vector(s) of this parasite in guatemala, phlebotomine sand flies that were aspirated from the clothing of collectors at tikal national park in the department of the peten were examined for flagellates. lutzomyia ovallesi was found infected with flagellates that were identified as l. braziliensis by isoenzyme electrophoresis. the isoenzyme profile of this isolate matched those from humans from the ...19921575293
vectors of leishmania braziliensis in the petén, guatemala.during a 1-year study, 13 species of sand fly were collected in bite-landing collections on human attractants in tikal, guatemala. using isoenzyme analysis, leishmania braziliensis was identified among isolates from lutzomyia ovallesi, lu. panamensis, and lu. ylephiletor. lutzomyia ovallesi, lu. shannoni, and lu. cruciata were found with flagellates whose isoenzyme patterns matched unidentified flagellates isolated from a patient with mucosal lesions.19911841251
the domestic dog, a potential reservoir for leishmania in the peten region of the present study, domestic dogs in a leishmania endemic area in the peten region of guatemala were sampled to determine if they are a potential reservoir for leishmania parasites. blood from 100 dogs from six villages was tested with two different antibody-capture assays for leishmania-specific antibodies and a 28% seroprevalence was determined. tissue scrapings from six dogs presenting with chronic lesions characteristic of leishmania infection were sampled and four dogs were positive by a ...200312860062
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