flagellate infections of brazilian sand flies (diptera: psychodidae): isolation in vitro and biochemical identification of endotrypanum and leishmania.flagellate infections were found in 1,063 of 18,895 sand flies collected in the states of amazonas, pará, rondonia and acre, brazil. infection rates were 13.4% (species group shannoni); 7.5% (subgenus nyssomyia); 6.7% (subgenus lutzomyia series cruciata); 0.5% (genus psychodopygus) and 3.1% for other sand flies (various subgenera). leishmania braziliensis guyanensis and l. mexicana amazonensis were isolated, respectively, from the known vectors, lutzomyia umbratilis and l. flaviscutellata. singl ...19853938924
eco-epidemiological survey of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis american cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis in ribeira valley river, paraná state, brazil.leishmaniasis is endemic since last century in adrianópolis municipality, ribeira valley and is a serious public health. a study carried out during 1993-2003 on epidemiological surveys conducted in rural communities showed 339 new cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) detected from four municipalities (adrianópolis, cerro azul, doutor ulysses and rio branco do sul). a larger prevalence of cutaneous lesions was observed in rural workers (36%), women with domestic activities (18%), and younger stu ...200415652328
polymerase chain reaction (pcr) is highly sensitive for diagnosis of mucosal leishmaniasis.we evaluated the use of polymerase chain reaction (pcr) for diagnosis of mucosal leishmaniasis (ml) in an endemic area in acre, brazil, where leishmania braziliensis is present. leishmania dna was detected 34 of 35 cases, yielding a positivity rate of 97.1%, which was higher than the positivity rates for all of the other diagnostic methods studied, namely montenegro skin test (mst), anti-leishmania serological testing and microscopic examination of lesion biopsy specimens. these findings have le ...200515777720
species diversity causing human cutaneous leishmaniasis in rio branco, state of acre, brazil.information on leishmania species diversity in western brazilian amazon and the clinical picture of human cutaneous leishmaniasis it causes is scarce. we describe clinical findings, diagnostic procedures and identification of leishmania species in patients from that region.200616930261
lutzomyia (nyssomyia) whitmani s.l . (antunes & coutinho, 1939)(diptera: psychodidae: phlebotominae): geographical distribution and the epidemiology of american cutaneous leishmaniasis in brazil--mini-review.the aim of the present study, in view of the widespread geographical distribution of lutzomyia (nyssomyia) whitmani s.l. in brazil, in close association with the regions of transmission of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis and l. (v.) shawi, is to investigate the distribution of this sand fly species and american cutaneous leishmaniasis (acl) in relationship to vegetation and landscape ecology throughout brazil. thematic maps were elaborated by the mapinfo programme, giving information on the sp ...200717426877
mucosal leishmaniasis caused by leishmania (viannia) braziliensis and leishmania (viannia) guyanensis in the brazilian amazon.leishmania (viannia) braziliensis is a parasite recognized as the most important etiologic agent of mucosal leishmaniasis (ml) in the new world. in amazonia, seven different species of leishmania, etiologic agents of human cutaneous leishmaniasis, have been described. isolated cases of ml have been described for several different species of leishmania: l. (v.) panamensis, l. (v.) guyanensis and l. (l.) amazonensis.201121408116
first description of leishmania (viannia) infection in evandromyia saulensis, pressatia sp. and trichophoromyia auraensis (psychodidae: phlebotominae) in a transmission area of cutaneous leishmaniasis in acre state, amazon basin, brazil.studies on the sandfly fauna to evaluate natural infection indexes are still limited in the brazilian amazon, a region with an increasing incidence of cutaneous leishmaniasis. here, by using a multiplex polymerase chain reaction directed to leishmania kdna and hybridisation, we were able to identify l. (viannia) subgenus in 12 out of 173 sandflies captured in the municipality of rio branco, acre state, revealing a positivity of 6.94%. by sequencing the leishmania 234 bp-hsp70 amplified products ...201728076470
molecular characterization of american cutaneous leishmaniasis in the tri‑border area of assis brasil, acre state, this study, leishmania species were identified by polymerase chain reaction (pcr). the epidemiology of patients suspected of having american cutaneous leishmaniasis in the municipality of assis brasil, acre state, located in the brazil/peru/bolivia tri-border was also investigated. by pcr, the dna of leishmania was detected in 100% of the cases (37 samples) and a pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) of the hsp 70 gene identified the species in 32 samples: leishmania (viannia) b ...201526422160
trichophoromyia auraensis is a putative vectorcomments about the finding of trichophoromyia auraensis (mangabeira 1942) sandfly specimens infected by leishmania (viannia) parasites in acre statea new sandfly in the subgenus nyssomyia (diptera, psychodidae) from the amazon basin of brazilthe known geographical distribution of sandflies in the state of acre, brazil (diptera: psychodidae)studies on the sandfly fauna (diptera: psychodidae: phlebotominae) from transmission areas of american cutaneous leishmaniasis in state of acre, brazildevelopment and validation of pcr-based assays for diagnosis of american cutaneous leishmaniasis and identification of the parasite speciesfirst description of leishmania (viannia) infection in evandromyia saulensis, pressatia sp. and trichophoromyia auraensis (psychodidae: phlebotominae) in a transmission area of cutaneous leishmaniasis in acre state, amazon basin, brazilsand fly fauna (diptera: psychodidae: phlebotominae) in an area of leishmaniasis transmission in the municipality of rio branco, state of acre, brazilidentification of naturally infected lutzomyia intermedia and lutzomyia migonei with leishmania (viannia) braziliensis in rio de janeiro (brazil) revealed by a pcr multiplex non-isotopic hybridization assaynotas sobre os flebotomíneos do estado do acre, com a descrição de duas espécies novas (diptera, psychodidae)description of trichophoromyia ruifreitasi, a new phlebotomine species (diptera, psychodidae) from acre state, brazilian amazonepidemiologia da leishmaniose tegumentar e descrição das populações de flebotomíneos no município de acrelândia, acre, brasilphlebotomine sandfly (diptera: psychodidae) diversity and their leishmania dna in a hot spot of american cutaneous leishmaniasis human cases along the brazilian border with peru and boliviadescription of a new phlebotomine species (diptera: psychodidae, phlebotominae) and new records of sand flies from the state of acre, northern brazilnatural leishmania infection of lutzomyia (trichophoromyia) auraensis in madre de dios, peru, detected by a fluorescence resonance energy transfer-based real-time polymerase chain reactionguide to the identification and geographic distribution of lutzomyia sandflies in mexico, the west indies, central and south america (diptera: psychodidae).the sandfly trichophoromyia auraensis has recently evolved as a proven vector of leishmania (viannia) endemic to state of acre in the north of brazil. this note is intended to propose a correction in the report of the first occurrence of natural infection of leishmania (viannia) in this species. we and the other scientific groups reinforced that tr. auraensis is a possible vector involved in the transmission of american cutaneous leishmaniasis in acre, brazil.201728591315
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