[canine leishmaniasis in paraná state, southern brazil]. 19938209172
leishmania braziliensis: isolation of carbohydrate-containing antigen and possibility of its use in the immunodiagnosis of american cutaneous leishmaniasis.leishmania braziliensis is a causative agent of american cutaneous leishmaniasis (acl). the 034-jcg strain, isolated from a patient from the northern region of paraná state, brazil, was cultivated in blood agar base medium, lyophilized and submitted to phenol-water extraction. the extract was treated with rnase i. the carbohydrate containing-antigen (ag-cho) was immunogenic to rabbits and showed at least a fraction with some negative charge at ph 8.2. this antigen showed cross-reactivity with th ...19958525271
[evaluation of direct agglutination tests in the detection of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis in possible reservoirs of cutaneous american leishmaniasis in the state of ceará].in order to evaluate the aplicability of the direct agglutination test (dat) as a method of detection of the natural canine infection for leishmania (viannia) braziliensis, it was realized a study involving the serum of naive dogs from serra de baturite, ceara state, an endemic area of cutaneous leishmaniasis, and others from curitiba, parana state, a non endemic area. the results indicate the possibility of using this sorologic test to the epidemiologic research of the infection in the reservoi ...19968713609
[the laboratory diagnosis and epidemiology of cutaneous leishmaniasis in paraná state, southern brazil].between 1986 and 1997 a total of 1418 patients were examined at the clinical analysis teaching and research laboratory of maringá state university (lepac/uem) for cutaneous leishmaniasis by direct examination of stained smears made from the lesions, the montenegro skin test and the indirect immunofluorescent antibody test. nine hundred and fifty five patients (67.3%) were positive for at least one of the three tests and of these 804 (84.2%) were considered to have contracted the disease in paran ...199910495672
lutzomyia whitmani (diptera: psychodidae) as vector of leishmania (v.) braziliensis in paraná state, southern brazil.the phlebotomine sandflies in the northern areas of the state of paraná, brazil, particularly those in the '16a' health region, were investigated over a 3-year period. using cdc light traps (with and without hamster bait) and shannon traps (with lights and horse or human bait), 16 species were collected from seven municipal districts which were known foci for cutaneous leishmaniasis: arapongas; apucarana; cambira; marumbi; faxinal; florestópolis; and sabáudia. although the frequency at which eac ...200011064764
genetic variation in populations of leishmania species in brazil.the population structure of strains of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis sensu lato from pará state and paraná state in brazil, of l. (v.) shawi and l. (leishmania) amazonensis from pará state, and the relationships of type strains of the subgenera l. (viannia) and l. (leishmania) were examined by the random-amplified polymorphic deoxyribonucleic acid (rapd) technique. four different primers (m13-40, qg1, l15996 and delta gt11r) were used. the bands were analysed using the neighbor-joining (nj) ...200212055823
[epidemiological and clinical study of 332 cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the north of parana state from 1993 to 1998].cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) in northern parana state have been reported since the 1950's, but towards the end of the 1980's there has been an increase in the number of human infections. from 1993 to 1998, a study was carried out in an attempt to define the epidemiological profile of leishmaniasis in this region. a total of 316 cases of cl were reported from 35 municipal districts and 16 imported cases. most cases of cl notified (70.8%) were in the age group of 15 to 49 years old and mo ...200212621662
eco-epidemiological survey of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis american cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis in ribeira valley river, paraná state, brazil.leishmaniasis is endemic since last century in adrianópolis municipality, ribeira valley and is a serious public health. a study carried out during 1993-2003 on epidemiological surveys conducted in rural communities showed 339 new cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) detected from four municipalities (adrianópolis, cerro azul, doutor ulysses and rio branco do sul). a larger prevalence of cutaneous lesions was observed in rural workers (36%), women with domestic activities (18%), and younger stu ...200415652328
antiprotozoal and molluscicidal activities of five brazilian plants.leishmaniasis, chagas' disease and schistosomiasis (bilharzia) are parasitic diseases with wide distribution on the american continent, affecting millions of people. in the present study, biological assays for antiprotozoal and molluscicidal activities were carried out with ethanolic extracts of plant species from the brazilian part of the upper paraná river. crude extracts were obtained by percolation with absolute ethanol from the leaves of cayaponia podantha cogn., nectandra falcifolia (nees) ...200516302102
[canine american cutaneous leishmaniasis in municipalities of northern paraná state, brazil].american cutaneous leishmaniasis (acl) is an endemic disease in northern paraná state, where it affects humans and dogs. this study aimed to verify the occurrence of the canine disease in acl endemic areas. from september 1999 to july 2002, dogs were investigated in 7 rural areas of 5 municipalities where autochthonous human cases of acl had been reported. parasitological and serological methods were used. fourteen of 67 dogs studied (20.9%) had lesions suggestive of acl, of which 3 (21.4%) were ...200616410884
pcr in the investigation of canine american tegumentary leishmaniasis in northwestern paraná state, brazil.american tegumentary leishmaniasis (atl) was studied in 143 dogs in a rural area in the county of mariluz, northwestern paraná state, brazil, using direct parasite search, indirect immunofluorescence (iif), and polymerase chain reaction (pcr). thirty-nine dogs (27.3%) presented lesions suggestive of the disease, 5 (12.8%) of which were positive in direct parasite search and pcr (lesion), and of these 5, 4 were also positive by iif. of the 34 dogs with negative direct parasite search, 12 (35.3%) ...200616583101
[human and canine american cutaneous leishmaniasis in mariluz, paraná state, brazil].an outbreak of american cutaneous leishmaniasis was reported in 2002 in mariluz, northwestern paraná state, brazil. of 38 humans who were investigated, four had healed lesions, ten showed lesions in the healing process, and 24 had active lesions. of the 126 dogs, 20 (15.9%) presented suggestive lesions and 24 (19%) had positive serology. parasites isolated from two patients and three dogs were identified as leishmania (viannia) braziliensis serodeme i. the captured sand flies were identified as ...200617096049
leishmania (viannia) braziliensis: epidemiology of canine cutaneous leishmaniasis in the state of paraná (brazil).the present study examines the role that dogs play in the maintenance of the leishmania cycle in the state of paraná, southern brazil. dogs were examined in three regions where cutaneous leishmaniasis is endemic or epidemic (r1-vale da ribeira; r2-central region of paraná state and r3-northern region). to determine serum prevalence rates elisa was used. in regions endemic for trypanosoma cruzi (r1 and r3), serum from dogs seroreactive towards leishmania antigen was subjected to t. cruzi adsorpti ...200717449032
diagnosis of american cutaneous leishmaniasis by enzyme immunoassay in patients from northern paraná state, brazil.american cutaneous leishmaniasis (acl) is an endemic disease caused by leishmania parasites. the acl diagnosis is commonly accomplished by parasitological and immunological methods. the objective of this work was to evaluate the enzyme immunoassay (eia) for acl laboratory diagnosis. igg antibodies against leishmania (viannia) braziliensis promastigotes were researched. for the method standardization 240 sera were used: 72 from patients with positive parasitological diagnosis, 38 from normal indi ...200717684640
american cutaneous leishmaniasis in horses from endemic areas in the north-central mesoregion of paraná state, brazil.american cutaneous leishmaniasis (acl) is an endemic disease in the north-west of paraná state, brazil, where it occurs in humans and dogs. few studies have been undertaken on the occurrence of the disease in other domestic animals and horses. in this study we investigated the infection of horses by leishmania in acl-endemic rural areas. direct agglutination test (dat) and polymerase chain reaction (pcr) were employed. fifty-five horses from rural areas in the municipalities of doutor camargo, o ...200818331518
[serological investigation of subclinical cutaneous leishmaniasis cases following an outbreak in an endemic area].subclinical cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis were investigated in a district of maringá, state of paraná, by means of the indirect immunofluorescence reaction and enzyme immunoassay. among the 130 samples analyzed, one presented titer 40 and three presented titer 20 in the indirect immunofluorescence reaction, while 11 samples were positive in the enzyme immunoassay reaction. these data suggest that subclinical cases exist at this locality.200818545847
molecular diagnosis of leishmaniosis in the paraná state of southern brazil.the objective of the present study was to establish a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) technique for the diagnosis of cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniosis from autochthonous cases in the state of paraná in southern brazil as well as imported cases. we sought to determine its utility and accuracy compared with smears and present culture methods. to standardize pcr samples, skin and mucosal punch biopsies from human lesions were performed on patients living in different regions of the paraná s ...200818637136
a serological and molecular investigation of american cutaneous leishmaniasis in dogs, three years after an outbreak in the northwest of paraná state, brazil.classic and molecular (polymerase chain reaction--pcr) techniques were used to diagnose american cutaneous leishmaniasis in 149 dogs from an area in the northwest of paraná state, brazil, where an american cutaneous leishmaniasis outbreak occurred in 2002. the results were compared to a set of previously obtained results. twenty-five dogs had positive indirect immunofluorescence (iif) (titers > or = 40), including two animals with suggestive lesions. the percentage of dogs with positive iif was ...200919180291
natural infection of nyssomyia neivai by leishmania (viannia) spp. in the state of paraná, southern brazil, detected by multiplex polymerase chain reaction.natural sandfly infection by leishmania spp. in an area endemic for american cutaneous leishmaniasis was analyzed using multiplex polymerase chain reaction (pcr). the sandflies were captured using falcão light traps in an endemic area of the municipality of doutor camargo during march, april, and june 2008. in total, 1803 females were analyzed; 1755 were nyssomyia neivai (pinto) and 48 were nyssomyia whitmani (antunes and coutinho). multiplex pcr analyses using mp3h-mp1l and 5llcac-3llcac primer ...201021142960
detection of leishmania (viannia) in nyssomyia neivai and nyssomyia whitmani by multiplex polymerase chain reaction, in southern brazil.sandflies transmit pathogens of leishmaniasis. the natural infection of sandflies by leishmania (viannia) was assessed in municipalities, in the state of paraná, in southern brazil. sandflies were collected with falcão and shannon traps. after dissection in search of flagellates in digestive tubes and identification of the species, female sandflies were submitted to the multiplex polymerase chain reaction (multiplex pcr) for detection of the fragment of the kdna of leishmania (viannia) and the f ...025229218
in vitro characterization of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis isolates from patients with different responses to glucantime(®) treatment from northwest paraná, brazil.leishmaniasis is a group of diseases that presents various clinical manifestations. many studies have shown that the parasite plays an important role in the clinical manifestations and prognosis of this disease. the cutaneous and mucosal forms of american tegumentary leishmaniasis (atl) are associated with leishmania (viannia) braziliensis, which exhibits intraspecific genetic polymorphisms and various clinical manifestations. the present study focused on four different l. braziliensis strains t ...201627181585
presence of anti-leishmania (viannia) braziliensis antibodies in blood donors in the west-central region of the state of paraná, brazil.serological screening in blood banks does not include all transmittable diseases. american cutaneous leishmaniasis (acl) has a high detection rate in the municipalities of the state of paraná.201526516977
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