[ecological aspects of american tegumentary leishmaniasis: 8. evaluation of the enzootic activity of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis, in forest and peridomiciliary environments of the ribeira valley region, são paulo state, brazil].the evidence of mucocutaneous leishmaniasis transmission in the non-forest environment in the ribeira valley region, são paulo, brazil, has made this epidemiologic four years' study possible, viewing the enzootic activity of l. (v.) braziliensis. furthermore, the natural infection in small mammals and the domestic dog population has been completed in collecting of phlebotomine sandflies in the forest and peridomiciliar environments. positive test-results have only been found in resident dogs (ca ...19902095626
human, canine and equine (equus caballus) leishmaniasis due to leishmania braziliensis (= l. braziliensis braziliensis) in the south-west region of são paulo state, brazil. 19902215227
active transmission of leishmania braziliensis braziliensis in the serra de mar forest, são paulo, brazil. 19892609369
[isolation and identification of leishmania braziliensis braziliensis, in human cases and domestic dog, in the state of são paulo]. 19863509356
identification and distribution of new world leishmania species characterized by serodeme analysis using monoclonal antibodies.five hundred thirty stocks of leishmania isolated from human and domestic and wild reservoir hosts, representing a wide geographic distribution of endemic foci of american cutaneous (acl) and visceral leishmaniases (avl) were characterized and identified at species and/or subspecies levels based on their reactivity to a cross-panel of specific monoclonal antibodies using a radioimmune binding assay. this study confirms and extends our preliminary results on the high specificity of some of these ...19873826486
[outbreak of american cutaneous leishmaniasis in itaporanga, são paulo (brazil)].an outbreak of cutaneous leishmaniasis in a small rural settlement, located in the southern of são paulo state-brazil was observed. this region has basic agricultural activities, and has no forests. two hundred and thirty one persons were evaluated, and the following aspects were observed. 1) 67 individuals (29%) had skin lesions, confirmed by histopathologic study and the montenegro skin test; 2) of these cases, 40 (59.7%) were males; 3) the youngest patients were 2 years (5 cases), and the old ...19938115812
[cases of american cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by leishmania (viannia) braziliensis in the towns of cosmópolis and indaiatuba-region of campinas, in são paulo, brazil].a study was carried out to identify leishmania species involved in skin lesions of patients from cosmópolis and indaiatuba, state of são paulo, brazil. the epidemiological data of cutaneous leishmaniasis in two cities suggested a epidemic situation in 1994. the lesions were clinically characteristic of cutaneous leishmaniasis and five out six patients responded positively to montenegro's intradermal test. the histopathology of skin lesions were characterized by two patterns: exudative-cellular r ...19968966306
isolation and isoenzyme characterization of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis from a case of human cutaneous leishmaniasis in northeast centre of the state of são paulo.the diagnosis of human cutaneous leishmaniasis in small towns is sometimes made without the species identification of the leishmania, even in areas without previous epidemiological surveys. here we report the isolation of a leishmania strain from a patient of rincão, state of são paulo, that was identified by isoenzyme characterization as l. (viannia) braziliensis. sand fly collections were made in the area where the patient live in order to investigate the likely vector species.200616410960
vianna and the discovery of leishmania braziliensis: the role of brazilian parasitologists in the identification of bauru's ulcer as american leishmaniasis.the description of a new species of leishmania spp. and the comprehensive study of a yet incompletely understood disease, mucocutaneous leishmaniasis, was a significant accomplishment of the then emerging brazilian medical and public health science in the early decades of the 20th century. gaspar vianna and a group of academic-minded physicians in são paulo brought forth a task still largely ignored, the complete description of a new nosological entity, in the process forming the core of a paras ...200516866039
leishmania (v.) braziliensis: detection by pcr in biopsies from patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis.cutaneous leishmaniases present similar clinical appearances, but differing prognosis in the course of infection. ulcers caused by parasites of the subgenus viannia are more aggressive than ulcers caused by parasites of the subgenus leishmania. another problem is distinguishing between true leishmania infection and other skin diseases in endemic areas, where cutaneous lesions and a single positive montenegro intradermal test are enough to submit patients to specific treatment for cutaneous leish ...200818442815
dna sequencing confirms the involvement of leishmania (l.) amazonensis in american tegumentary leishmaniasis in the state of são paulo, brazil.american tegumentary leishmaniasis (atl) represents one of the most important public health issues in the world. an increased number of autochthonous cases of atl in the northeastern region of são paulo state has been documented in the last few years, leading to a desire to determine the leishmania species implicated.200818719754
survival, population size, and gonotrophic cycle duration of nyssomyia neivai (diptera: psychodidae) at an endemic area of american cutaneous leishmaniasis in southeastern brazil.the survival, absolute population size, gonotrophic cycle duration, and temporal and spatial abundance of nyssomyia neivai (pinto) were studied in a rural area endemic for american cutaneous leishmaniasis (acl) in conchal, são paulo state, southeastern brazil, using mark-release-recapture techniques and by monitoring population fluctuation. the monthly abundance exhibited a unimodal pattern, with forest and domicile habitats having the highest relative abundances. a total of 1,873 males and 3,55 ...200919198516
leishmania spp. in didelphis albiventris and micoureus paraguayanus (didelphimorphia: didelphidae) of brazil.leishmaniasis is kept in nature by the participation of several animal species. this study evaluated the presence of leishmania spp. in skin samples of free-ranging marsupials micoureus paraguayanus (n=95) and didelphis albiventris (n=191), captured in morro do diabo state park and in sections of its surrounding forest, in the region of pontal do paranapanema, são paulo state, brazil. the samples were tested for the presence of kdna of leishmania spp. by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and by re ...201021144664
sandflies (diptera: psychodidae) associated with opossum nests at urban sites in southeastern brazil: a risk factor for urban and periurban zoonotic leishmania transmission?sandflies associated with opossum nests are reported for the first time in the yards of residences located in the urban area of the municipality of monte mor, situated in the metropolitan region of campinas, state of são paulo, brazil. eleven specimens of evandromyia cortelezzii and one of evandromyia lenti were captured in two didelphis albiventris nests. ev. cortelezzii is considered a secondary vector species for the transmission of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis and leishmania (leishmania ...024789554
genotype characterization of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis isolated from human and canine biopsies with american cutaneous leishmaniasis.american tegumentary leishmaniasis (atl) can be caused by leishmania (viannia) braziliensis complex. the evolution of atl initially results in lesions and can develop into disseminated or diffuse forms. the genetic diversity of l. (v.) braziliensis in some endemic areas of brazil has been poorly studied, such as in the state of são paulo. this study analyzed the genetic diversity of l. (v.) braziliensis isolates collected from patients and dogs with lta from the state of são paulo.201726200968
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