serological survey of arthropod-borne viruses among wild boars in japan.a total of 90 blood samples were collected from wild boars in the kyushu region of japan, and a seroepidemiological survey for 7 arthropod-borne viruses was performed using hemagglutination inhibition tests. the individual seropositive rates for each virus were 52.2% for japanese encephalitis virus (jev), 47.8% for getah virus (getv), 13.3% for akabane virus, 10.0% for aino virus and less than 5% for bluetongue virus, chuzan virus and ibaraki virus. the results indicated that among the 7 viruses ...200919721358
epizootiological investigation of getah virus infection among racehorses in japan in clarify the factors causing an outbreak in 2014 of getah virus infection among racehorses at the miho training center, japan, we isolated virus strains and performed an epizootiological investigation of affected horses and related horse populations. three getah virus isolates were recovered from clinical samples, and one of them (14-i-605) was used in a virus-neutralizing test. of the affected horses (n = 33), 20 (60.6%) were 2-year-olds. we investigated the histories of getah virus vaccinati ...201525972425
complete genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of a getah virus strain (genus alphavirus, family togaviridae) isolated from culex tritaeniorhynchus mosquitoes in nagasaki, japan in 2012.getah virus (getv; genus alphavirus, family togaviridae) is a mosquito-borne virus known to cause disease in horses and pigs. in 2014, for the first time in ∼30 years, a sudden getv outbreak occurred among racehorses in ibaraki, japan. two years before this outbreak, we obtained multiple getv isolates from culex tritaeniorhynchus mosquitoes collected in nagasaki, japan and determined the whole genome sequence of getv isolate 12ih26. our phylogenetic analysis of getv strains revealed that the iso ...201627827562
geospatial and temporal associations of getah virus circulation among pigs and horses around the perimeter of outbreaks in japanese racehorses in 2014 and 2015.we studied a recent epizootic of getah virus infection among pigs in the southern part of ibaraki prefecture and the northern part of chiba prefecture, japan, focusing on its possible association with outbreaks in racehorses in 2014 and 2015. the genomic sequence of a getah virus strain from an infected pig was analyzed to evaluate the degree of identity with the strains from horses.201728629406
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