arbovirus infections in sarawak, october 1968-february 1970: getah virus isolations from mosquitoes.14 strains of getah virus were isolated from a variety of mosquito species collected in sarawak between october 1968 and february 1970. ten strains were isolated from c. tritaeniorhynchus 7 of them at k. tijirak. single strains were isolated from c. gelidus, c. pseudovishnui, m. bonneae/dives and aanopheles species. 6 of the isolates were obtained in october 1968 when japanese encephalitis, tembusu and sindbis viruses were also very active. the available evidence suggest that getah virus in sara ...1975238314
arbovirus infections in sarawak: the role of the domestic pig.the possible role of pigs as arbovirus maintenance hosts and their importance as amplifier hosts was studied. blood samples from 464 pigs of all ages collected in 1962 and 1964 were tested against 10 arboviruses. antibodies to japanese encephalitis and getah viruses were particularly prevalent and their calculated monthly infection rates were 19-5% and 13-3% respectively. in 1969, 447 pigs were bled monthly throughout the year and the infection rates for japanese encephalitis virus were calculat ...19761265821
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