haemaphysalis juxtakochi, ixodes pararicinus (ixodidae) and otobius megnini (argasidae) in relation to the phytogeography of argentina.the phytogeographical distributions of haemaphysalis juxtakochi, ixodes pararicinus and otobius megnini in argentina are described from material collected mainly from 1978 to the present. h. juxtakochi was found in the northwestern area of the amazonian domain and in the chaco, espinal and pampean provinces of the chaco domain. it was detected on mazama spp., tapirus terrestris, dog, cattle and on the vegetation. most findings of i. pararicinus were from mountain rangeland, where it was found on ...19921290380
ticks (acari: ixodida: argasidae, ixodidae) infesting humans in northwestern cordoba province, argentina.ticks infesting humans were collected from september 2004 to august 2005 in northwestern córdoba in an area with a southern limit in the locality of dean funes (30 degrees 25's 64 degrees 20'w) and san josé de las salinas (30 degrees 00's 64 degrees 37'w) in the north. the collections consisted in ticks found attached on man obtained from three sources: 1) specimens fixed on two workers during two successive days per month of field work in the northern part of the area which belongs to western c ...200616871909
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