resistance profile of bacteroides fragilis isolated in brazil. do they shelter the cfia gene?the epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance of clinical isolates and human intestinal strains of bacteroides fragilis has assumed great importance in the last few years since this microorganism, like other members of the b. fragilis group, can be responsible for the spread of resistance determinants. it is possible that the presence of b. fragilis in polluted aquatic environments might contribute to the spread of resistance. the antimicrobial resistance profile of 44 clinical b. fragilis strain ...200010747824
association between the cfxa gene and transposon tn4555 in bacteroides distasonis strains and other bacteroides species.the bacteroides genus, the most prevalent anaerobic bacteria of the intestinal tract, carries a plethora of the mobile elements, such as plasmids and conjugative and mobilizable transposons, which are probably responsible for the spreading of resistance genes. production of beta-lactamases is the most important resistance mechanism including cephalosporin resistance to beta-lactam agents in species of the bacteroides fragilis group. in our previous study, the cfxa gene was detected in b. distaso ...200717486409
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