correlation between bacterial indicators and bacteriophages in sewage and sludge.the use of bacteriophages as potential indicators of faecal pollution has recently been studied. the correlation of the number of bacterial indicators and the presence of three groups of bacteriophages, namely somatic coliphages (somcph), f-rna-specific phages (frnaph) and phages of bacteroides fragilis (bfrph), in raw and treated wastewater and sludge is presented in this study. raw and treated wastewater and sewage sludge samples from two wastewater treatment plants in athens were collected on ...200616958859
in vitro activities of tigecycline against recently isolated gram-negative anaerobic bacteria in greece, including metronidazole-resistant strains.the in vitro activity of tigecycline was compared with those of benzylpenicillin, piperacillin + tazobactam, cefoxitin, imipenem, metronidazole, clindamycin, and tetracycline against 249 gram-negative anaerobic bacteria (158 bacteroides fragilis group, 27 non-fragilis bacteroides spp., 44 prevotella spp., and 20 miscellaneous), recently isolated from 8 general hospitals in athens, greece. overall tigecycline mic(50) and mic(90) were 0.25 and 2 mg/l, respectively, whereas b. fragilis group mic(50 ...200616626904
multicentre survey of the in-vitro activity of seven antimicrobial agents, including ertapenem, against recently isolated gram-negative anaerobic bacteria in greece.the in-vitro activities of penicillin, ticarcillin-clavulanic acid, cefoxitin, imipenem, ertapenem, metronidazole and clindamycin were evaluated against 138 gram-negative anaerobic isolates (82 bacteroides fragilis group, 17 non-fragilis bacteroides spp., 31 prevotella spp., four fusobacterium spp., two veillonella spp., one porphyromonas sp. and one tissierella praeacuta) collected from six general hospitals in athens, greece. overall rates of non-susceptibility (both resistant and intermediate ...200516153256
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