prevalence and biodiversity of helminth parasites in donkeys from south donkeys (equus asinus) from north-west and mpumalanga provinces in south africa were examined at necropsy. quantitative samples were collected from the gastrointestinal tract for recovery of helminth parasites from the stomach, small intestine, cecum, ventral colon, dorsal colon, descending colon, and cranial mesenteric artery. fifteen genera and 29 species of helminths were identified comprising 27 species of nematodes in the ascarididae, atractidae, habronematidae, onchocercidae, oxyurid ...200010958452
helminth levels of working donkeys kept under different management systems in the moretele 1 district of the north-west province, south southern africa, where 150,000 working donkeys provide an important alternative to mechanisation in resource-poor communities, very little is known about their helminth status, or about the impact of helminths on their work output. the aim of this study was to investigate the helminth status of working donkeys under different management systems. donkey owners in three different areas (one rural and two semi-rural) of the moretele 1 district of north-west province, south africa, were visited a ...19989746286
socioeconomic, health and management aspects of working donkeys in moretele 1, north west province, south africa.structured interviews using a questionnaire were conducted to gather information on socioeconomic aspects, health, nutrition, breeding and management of working equids in 3 study areas of moretele 1 near hammanskraal, north west province, south africa. the questionnaire addressed questions about the role of animals with a focus on donkeys used for work in these areas. extension and animal health officers and donkey owners participated. the analysis highlights the use of donkeys for transport of ...200111563717
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