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cystic echinococcosis in water buffaloes: epidemiological survey and molecular evidence of ovine (g1) and buffalo (g3) strains.a survey of cystic echinococcosis (ce) in the water buffalo (bubalus bubalis) of the italian mediterranean breed was carried out in campania, a region of southern italy. in addition, a molecular study was performed on 48 hydatid cysts coming from 48 water buffaloes in order to determine the echinococcus granulosus strain(s) present in this host. out of a total of 722 water buffaloes examined for ce, 76 (10.5%) were found infected. the average number of cysts per buffalo was 4.3 (minimum 1, maxim ...200616480832
updates on cystic echinococcosis (ce) in update on cystic echinococcosis (ce) diffusion in italy during 2003-2005 is reported. ce seems to have a sporadic diffusion in the northern part of the country where this disease plays a minor role (prevalence < 1%). recent investigations have shown the occurrence of ce cases in humans from the mountains between reggio emilia and modena, with an average year incidence between 9.4 and 5.6/100,000. in abruzzo prevalences in sheep and cattle are 20.2% and 15.3%, with a fertility of 4.6% and 1.3% ...200616881397
geo-referencing livestock farms as tool for studying cystic echinococcosis epidemiology in cattle and water buffaloes from southern italy.cystic echinococcosis (ce), caused by the larval stages of the tapeworm echinococcus granulosus, is known to be one of the most important parasitic infection in livestock worldwide and one of the most widespread zoonoses known. in the present study, we used a geographical information system (gis) to study the spatial structure of livestock (cattle, water buffaloes and sheep) populations to gain a better understanding of the role of sheep as reservoir for the transmission of ce to cattle and wate ...200718686260
molecular update on cystic echinococcosis in cattle and water buffaloes of southern italy.cystic echinococcosis (ce)--caused by the larval stage (hydatid cyst) of the cestode echinococcus granulosus--is one of the most widespread zoonoses of veterinary and medical importance. molecular techniques have allowed the identification of 10 different genotypes (g1-g10) of the parasite. the present paper is an update regarding the e. granulosus genotypes infecting water buffaloes and cattle bred in the campania region of southern italy. the molecular study was performed on 30 hydatid cysts ( ...200818234031
the role of cattle in the epidemiology of echinococcus granulosus in an endemic area of southern epidemiological and molecular survey was conducted to investigate the role of cattle in the transmission chain of cystic echinococcosis (ce) in the campania region of southern italy. out of a total of 434 cattle examined for ce, 45 (10.4%) were found infected. a total of 363 cysts were collected from the infected animals: 239 in the liver and 124 in the lungs. the cysts were either sterile (42.7%) or calcified/caseous (57.3%); no fertile cysts were found. most of the cysts had sizes <3 cm (77 ...200818338180
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