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sheep-dog-man. the risk zoonotic cycle in hydatidosis.hydatid cyst, the larval cestod of echinococcus granulosus infects both man and animal. in the last five years, fourteen cases have been surgically treated in the universities hospitals of cairo (9) and ain shams (5). the highly infected site was the liver and the least was the spleen. on the other hand, a total of 2,871,510 sheep slaughtered in the governmental abattoirs over five years (1995-1999) showed an overall hydatidosis of 0.33%. the highly infected site was the lung followed by the liv ...200010946504
echinococcosis granulosus in stray dogs and echino-ihat in the hunters in cairo, egypt.a total of fifty stray dogs of both sex and of different ages were examined for natural infection with echinococcus granulosus after post-mortem. three main intestinal helminthes were recovered. these were in descending order of abundance dipylidium caninum, toxocara canis and e. granulosus. the latter worm was demonstrated in eight of them (16%). the sera of three out of 21 dog-hunters (14.3%) showed positive echino-ihat. two of the hunters suffered enterobius vermicularis and one of them had t ...200717985585
human hydatidosis granulosus in greater cairo, egypt: with general this study, human cases (41) of proved hydatidosis granulosus were obtained from al kasr al aini university hospitals from 2000-2006. they were 22 females with ages from 8 to 70 years and 19 males with ages from 5 to 75 years. the highly infected organ was the liver. infection in other organs as lung, spleen, brain, eye, pelvic and bones of upper and lower limbs were reported. most of the hydatidosis patients were from governorates of giza (24 cases), qalyobia (7 cases), cairo (5 cases), bani ...200717985599
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