[analysis of nuclear dna gene types of leishmania isolates from hilly and plain foci of china].to analyse the nuclear dna (ndna) polymorphism of leishmania isolates from hilly and plain foci of china.199812078288
molecular detection and genetic diversity of leishmania donovani in naturally infected phlebotomus chinensi from southwestern china.zoonotic visceral leishmaniasis is an important vector-borne infectious disease in western china. in this study, an epidemiological study was carried out on the vector of zoonotic visceral leishmaniasis in rural areas from sichuan province, southwestern china. in the 1263 phlebotomine sandflies captured, 859 (68.01%) were females and 404 (31.99%) males, belonging to phlebotomus chinensis (83.37%), sergentomyia koloshanensis (6.57%), sergentomyia squamirostris (4.04%), and sergentomyia barraudi ( ...201121254870
[cloning of avastin gene of leishmania donovani isolates from sichuan province and its expression in eucaryotic system].to clone and express the avastin gene of two leishmania donovani isolates from sichuan province of china.200717633823
[kala-azar in china from 1985 to 1988. advisory committee on parasitic diseases, moph].a total of 1,069 newly discovered cases of kala-azar (a few recurrent cases included) is recorded in china during the four year period from 1985 to 1988. the kala-azar patients were found in the provinces and autonomous regions of gansu, sichuan, xinjiang, shaanxi, shanxi, inner-mongolia and shandong. comparing with the 443 cases recorded during the previous 4 years period 1981-1984, significant uprise of the disease is evident, especially in the provinces of gansu and sichuan. in southern gansu ...19892591032
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