phylogenetic position of leishmania isolates from khyber pakhtunkhwa province of pakistan.several species of the genus leishmania are causative agents of cutaneous leishmaniasis in pakistan. this study aimed to determine phylogenetic placement of leishmania species causing cutaneous leishmaniasis in khyber pakhtunkhwa province, pakistan (34 leishmania tropica, 3 leishmania infantum), in-relation to species from other geographical areas using gene sequences encoding cytochrome b (cytb) and internal transcribed spacer 2 (its2). based on cytochrome b sequence analysis, l. tropica strain ...201627233810
visceral leishmaniasis: adult population of abbottabad at risk now.leishmaniasis is a disease complex caused by the parasite of genus leishmania. visceral leishmaniasis is caused by leishmania donovani transmitted to human by sand fly. some wild animals and human reservoir is the major reservoir in most of the cases. the disease is prevalent in different parts of the world including india, nepal, bangladesh, sudan and brazil. it has also been reported from northern half of pakistan. in hazara division, it has been reported from galiat, battagram, kaladhaka, koh ...201021702307
visceral leishmaniasis in district dir, nwfp.visceral leishmaniasis is endemic in district dir, nwfp. we evaluated 10 patients with visceral leishmaniasis at dhq hospital timergara district dir, n.w.f.p. all patients were in the age range 2 to 10 years. the predominant clinical features in these were chronic fever (10), splenomegaly (10), hepatomegaly (10), weight loss (10) and abdominal distention (5). lymphadenopathy was absent. common laboratory abnormalities included anaemia (10), leucopenia (7), thrombocytopenia (10) and hypergammaglo ...19989813985
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