trichinella spiralis infection--united states, 1990.since 1947, when the public health service began to record statistics on trichinosis, the number of cases reported by state health departments each year has declined: in the late 1940s, health departments reported an average of 400 cases and 10-15 deaths each year; from 1982 through 1986, the number declined to an average of 57 per year (figure 1) and a total of three deaths (1,2). although this trend reflects a decline in the number of cases related to commercially purchased pork, recent outbre ...19911898978
native trichinosis in wild rodents in henrico county, virginia.encapsulated larvae of trichinella spiralis were found in wild-trapped, microtus pennsylvanicus and sigmodon hispidus. in addition, peromyscus leucopus and mus musculus again were found infected. these mammals were trapped from a farm site in henrico county, virginia, remote from known potential sources of trichinosis. the possible zoonotic relationship between wild rodent trichinosis and swine trichinosis is discussed.19807001047
trichinella spiralis in mammals at mountain lake, virginia. 19695822642
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