status of trichinella spiralis in domestic swine and wild boar in canada.evidence of the status of trichinellosis in canada's national swine herd is provided from data acquired through national surveillance programs and from a prevalence study of trichinella in wild boar and domestic swine. more than 500,000 swine tested at abattoirs in ongoing animal health surveys since 1980 and 2 national swine serological surveys (1985 and 1990) showed no evidence of trichinella infection, except for 3 occurrences in a small infected zone in nova scotia. the prevalence study of d ...19979342448
helminth parasites of fisher martes pennanti (erxleben) from manitoba, species of helminths were recovered during a survey of 162 fisher (martes pennanti) from four areas of manitoba: baylisascaris devosi in 52 fisher; taenia sibirica in 25; physaloptera sp. in nine; alaria mustelae in two; metorchis conjunctus in one; trichinella spiralis in one of 81; molineus sp. in one. b. devosi was the most prevalent parasite and differences in its geographical distribution were possibly related to population density of fisher. the prevalence of other parasites did not ...1979574167
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