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[incidence of trichinella spiralis in 900 rats (rattus norvegicus) in mexico city]. 195414372429
[incidence of infection by trichinella spiralis in 1000 cadaver diaphragms in mexico city during 1972-1973]. 19744445637
[acute trichinosis in children. intrafamilial epidemic outbreak in mexico city].four cases of trichinosis found in a family living in iztapalapa, mexico, d.f. are reported. the family reported to frequently eat raw sausage originally from villanueva, zacatecas from which trichinella spiralis larvae were isolated. diagnosis was difficult in the first case since no epidemiological history was associated with the patient, besides the fact that the patient showed no signs of eosinophilia and blood tests were negative. the diagnosis in this case was confirmed through muscular bi ...19902222824
[search for antibodies against trichinella spiralis in free roaming rodents caught in a zoological park from mexico city].a serological survey to search for antibodies against t. spiralis was performed in free roaming rats (n = 64) and mice (n = 35) caught in a zoological park from mexico city. serum samples were analyzed by elisa and immunoelectrotransfer blot assay (eibt). none serum show positive absorbance values in elisa nor recognized t. spiralis specific antigenic fractions in eibt. however, two rat samples recognized three antigens of 31, 37 y 55 kda, while one of them reacted with two additional antigens o ...200011338971
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