restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) analysis of genomic dna of 5 strains of trichinella spiralis in china.five restriction endonucleases were used to digest genomic dna from 5 isolates of trichinella spiralis obtained from changchun, tianjin, xian, henan and yunnan. all the isolates were secured from pigs except the changchun strain which came from dog. the dna fragments digested by endonuclease were separated by agarose gel electrophoresis. the changchun isolate had a ecori band at 1.12kb and a drai band at 1.97kb which were unique to this isolate. a cloned specific repetitive dna sequence (1.12kb) ...19958580480
identification and characterization of micrornas in trichinella spiralis by comparison with brugia malayi and caenorhabditis elegans.trichinella spiralis is an important zoonotic nematode causing trichinellosis which is associated with human diseases such as malaise, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea, and constipation. micrornas (mirnas) are endogenous small non-coding rnas that play important roles in the regulation of gene expression. the objective of the present study was to examine the mirna expression profile of the larvae of t. spiralis by solexa deep sequencing combined with stem-loop real-tim ...201121327987
four outbreaks of human trichinellosis in henan province.four outbreaks of human trichinellosis caused by eating pork together had occurred successively in two rural areas and two cities of henan province, where the disease is endemic. of the 110 persons involved, 54 had the onset. all of them had the history of eating pork. in the outbreak of dengzhou, in those persons who dined together, men were all uninfected and 13 women were infected. the difference found between sexes was suggested to be related with spirit drinking. in these 54 patients, the l ...19958585984
analysis of chinese isolates of trichinella spiralis by molecular investigate the relationships among trichinella spiralis isolates obtained from different hosts and geographical regions in china.19969275332
epidemiological survey of trichinella infection in some areas of henan province.during 1996-1998 epidemiological survey of domestic trichinella spiralis infection and serological survey on human beings were carried out in yanling, xuchang counties and luohe city. by the artificial digestion method, the positive rates of pork in market and mutton were 1.6% and 0.6% respectively. meat samples of pigs from pig-farms, cats and dogs were all negative for trichinella larvae. trichinellosis infection levels in rats captured in peasant households and places around abattoirs were 0. ...200111484388
the epidemiology of human trichinellosis in china during 1964-1999.the large foci of trichinellosis are mainly located in the southeastern, the central and northeastern china. by the end of 1999, human cases with trichinellosis have been recorded in 17 out of 34 provinces/autonomous regions/municipals (p/a/m) of china. the seroepidemiological surveys of t. spiralis infection in humans were carried out in nine out of 34 p/a/m. the overall seroprevalence was 5.3%. the prevalence detected by muscle biopsy in henan province was 2.5%. from 1964 to 1999, 548 outbreak ...200111484385
survey of trichinella infection from domestic pigs in the historical endemic areas of henan province, central china.the aim of this work was to investigate the current situation of trichinella infection from domestic pigs in the historical endemic areas of henan province, central china. a total of 823 diaphragm samples from the indoor-raised pigs were collected in five cities of henan during 2014-2015 and examined by artificial digestion method. the overall prevalence of trichinella infection in pigs was 0.61 % (5/823). trichinella larvae were detected in 0.91 % (5/550) of pigs from nanyang city of henan. the ...201627601238
outbreaks of human trichinellosis caused by consumption of dog meat in meat has become an important source of trichinella infection for humans in china. the first documented outbreak of human trichinellosis resulting from the consumption of dog meat occurred in china in 1974. until 1999, the outbreaks with this source of infection occurred mostly in northeast of china (81 cases in five outbreaks in jilin and two in liaoning), beijing (six cases) and henan provinces (two cases). the epidemiological surveys were performed in nine provinces or autonomous regions o ...200111484389
survey of trichinella infections in domestic pigs from northern and eastern henan, china.the aim of this work was to investigate the current situation of trichinella infections in swine in the cities of anyang and shanqiu in the henan province historically designated as trichinellosis-free. a total of 475 diaphragm muscle samples were collected from 2010 to 2011 and examined by trichinelloscopy and artificial digestion. no trichinella larvae were detected by trichinelloscopy; however, using the digestion method, 3.79% (18/475) of domestic pigs were deemed positive for trichinella. a ...201323422779
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