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[the occurrence of helminth parasites in vimba (vimba vimba l. 1758) of golbasi (bursa) dam lake, turkey].in this study, the occurrence of helminth parasites in vimba of golbasi dam lake was investigated monthly from may 2003 to april 2004. during the study, a total of 62 vimba specimens were examined for helminth parasites. a total of 4 species of helminth parasites were found on 43 fish examined as follows: (dactylogyrus sphyrna (monogenea), diplostomum sp. (digenea), caryophyllaeus laticeps (cestoda), contracaecum sp. (nematoda). d. sphyrna seen on gills of host fish was the dominant parasite spe ...200818351560
[helminth parasites of white bream (blicca bjoerkna l. 1758) from kocadere stream, bursa.]aim of this study was to investigate the helminths and their monthly prevalence in 120 blicca bjoerkna (white bream) in the kocadere stream (bursa province) from february 2005 to january 2006. as a result, 98.3% of b. bjoerkna were found to be infected with one or more helminth species and a total of 5 different helminth species were identified. the distribution of these parasites in b. bjoerkna and the average prevalence (annually) were as follows: dactylogyrus sphyrna (24.2%), d. distinguendus ...201020597058
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