zoonotic reservoir of babesia microti in poland.babesiosis is as one of the emerging human and animal diseases transmitted by ticks. it is caused intraerythrocytic parasites of the genus babesia. current evidence of human babesiosis suggests that the majority of cases are involved by babesia divergens and babesia microti piroplasms. as zoonotic reservoir of b. microti serve small mammals--insectivores and rodents. the occurrence of this parasite in natural environment in poland is documented for various regions, in the wide range of mammal ho ...200415787199
isolation and amplification by polymerase chain reaction dna of babesia microti and babesia divergens in ticks in poland.babesia microti and b. divergens, the etiological agents of human babesiosis, are transmitted by the bite of ixodes ricinus. the purpose of this study was differentiation of those two species in ticks collected in urban woods in the city szczecin (north-western poland). the prevalence of the dna of babesia were investigated by pcr amplification with primers to the fragment from a gene encoding the nuclear small-subunit ribosomal rna (ss-rdna). we examined a total of 533 specimens of ixodes ricin ...200111748876
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